A well-behaved dog is a product of much training, not only the dog’s training but yours also. Knowing the dog training basics will help you with training your dog, and along the way, your dog will get you trained also.

When you decide you need to train your dog, you will find a lot of different methods suggested as the best. What is best in dog training is determined by you and your dog. Dogs will generally respond best to praise and treats. Dogs instinctively like to please you and are happiest when you are happy with them.

Therefore, you will need to select the method of training you believe will work best for you and your dog’s training needs. However, with any method, you choose to remember you must follow through with the method consistently. Dogs will not respond well to doing things differently every time. You will discover your dog is a creature of habit and loves the routine.

Your first step to success is winning the trust of your dog. You want to avoid punishment while training. Otherwise, your dog will not trust you during your training sessions. He must associate training with praise and reward. Your dog will enjoy your training sessions as long as you make it a bonding session between you and your dog. While training remembers its conditioning and you will better understand your dog’s responses. Dogs tend to associate events with either rewards or punishment. Make sure training equals reward to your dog.

Along the same consistency line, choose one-word commands for what you want your dog to do. Always use the same command and they will soon associate the command with the action. If you keep changing the command it will confuse your dog and training will not be fun for him.

When you are performing your training session, make sure your dog has had a chance to release his energy first. Allow him to exercise, then find a quiet spot with few distractions for your training sessions. Dogs are easily distracted and you won’t be able to get his attention on what you are trying to teach him if there are too many things going on around him.

The best thing you can do for you and your dog is to have patience. Patience is the key when training your pet and it will eventually get you the results you want. The second key is persistence. If you are patient with your dog and reward him when he does good he will understand what you want from him. Also if you are persistent and reinforce your training over and over, you will soon be blessed with a truly well-trained dog.

Begin with the basics of dog training and progress only after you have achieved your goal and you will not only enjoy your dog more, but you will obtain great satisfaction from a job well done!

About Terry Hayes

Tery Hayes, CPDT-KA (Licensed Professional Dog Fitness Instructor) is the author of many books, writes articles for different magazines and also papers including Modern Dog Publication, and has also organized the Dog Talk radio program. He is the board memeber of the Companion Animal Sciences, a certified distance college that supplies certification training courses and also diploma programs of research in professional dog training, behavior consulting, physical fitness as well as nutritional sciences.