Does your dog display these behavior problems? Like growling, nonstop or unnecessary barking, snarling, and other threatening behavior like a physical attack to people or other dogs. Then as a dog owner, you must put attention to your dog’s behavior problem and understand why your dog behaves differently. You have to recognize your dog’s behavior problem before it became a serious behavior and aggression problem.

Whether you believe it or not, dogs can get bored just like humans. Boredom is one of the main causes of a dog’s problem behavior because they have nothing else to do. If you take your dog to the park, play with them and take them on walks they won’t have this boredom bottled up.

Growling, the barking of teeth, snapping, and biting are all indicators of aggressive behavior. Any aggressive dog behavior intended to harm a person or animal can be frightening.

Dogs’ behavior problems and aggression may be a result of fear. Aggression is an automatic defense of dogs when they are afraid either from a human or another animal’s presence.

There are so many different factors that come into play when a dog displays this behavior. These consist of how the dog has behaved as a young puppy – cruelty from both a dog or a human can affect the dog to become more aggressive when the same kind of actions are shown to the dog. There may also be health issues that come onto play – if a dog has a hormonal imbalance. This can also be an attributing factor.

Age and maturity of course! Plays a very important role with dog’s behavior problem too, there are dogs that are friendly as puppies but start to display aggressive behaviors on the 2nd or 3rd year. Pain and injury may also lead to the dogs’ behavior problems. These things and a lot of other factors leading to dog behavior problems must be recognized by dog owners.

Dealing with yore dog’s behavior problems can be a difficult task since every dog is different and every situation is different. Like certain breeds are born to stay close while other breeds are born to be wild. Some dogs are born to hunt while others are born to guard. Every breed has a different genetic heritage, and it is up to you as an owner to understand this and then go from there.

Dog behavior problem is a very serious problem that requires immediate action plan before it could get worst. Seeking professional help is important to evaluate your dog’s medical and behavioral condition. You can also keep records of the occurrences of your dog’s behavior problem. Record how it happened and the possible triggers of bad behavior.

There is a lot you can do to resolve your dog’s aggressive dog behavior. Do not just give up, but continue to look for ways to resolve the behavior problem. Giving up only serves to send a message to the dog that they have become the dominant one in the family, thus allowing the dog to bark, snap, and bit whenever it wants to without any way of stopping it. Never encourage your dog’s aggressive behavior. Should you see your dog showing this type of behavior, take steps (in a positive way) to stop it. Also never use violence or aggression to your dog. This will only make the condition even worse. As well as showing stressed out in front of the dog, he will not assist at all.

Finally! A well behaved dog is a pleasure to be with. Transform your dog’s behavior problem immediately. Dog obedience training will reveal proven strategies on how to make your dog understand what you are communicating to him.

About Terry Hayes

Tery Hayes, CPDT-KA (Licensed Professional Dog Fitness Instructor) is the author of many books, writes articles for different magazines and also papers including Modern Dog Publication, and has also organized the Dog Talk radio program. He is the board memeber of the Companion Animal Sciences, a certified distance college that supplies certification training courses and also diploma programs of research in professional dog training, behavior consulting, physical fitness as well as nutritional sciences.